11 Okt 2019

Growtopia Set Guide

Growtopia - figih.id

- Rayman's Fist : Triples punch radius
- Diamond Horn : Increases Build Range by one Block
- Zraei's Dracoscarf: Grants Enhanced Digging
- Ancestral Lens of Riches [Level 5] : 9% Extra Gems
- Cosmic Cape : Grants a chance to get Cosmic Dust upon breaking blocks
Slots: Hand/Hat/Neck/Ancestral/Back

- Ancestral Seed Of Life [Level 5] : 5% Less Growth Time
- Ring Of Nature : 1% Less Growth Time on 25% of Trees Grown
Slots: Ancestral/Hand

- Harvester : 10% chance of Double Blocks when Harvesting Trees, consuming a Fuel Pack
- Ancestral Tesseract Of Dimensions [Level 5] : 9% chance of Double Blocks
- Buddy's Block Head : 5% chance of Double Blocks (UNCONFIRMED)
- Rayman's Fist : Triples punch radius && Dreamcatcher Staff : 2% chance of +1 Block when Harvesting Trees
- Zraei's Dracoscarf : Grants Enhanced Digging
Slots: Ancestral/Head/Hand(2x)/Neck/Feet

Geiger Hunting:
- Geiger Counter : Allows you to find radioactive items
- Luminous Eyes : 2.5% Increased Crystal Chance
Slots: Hand/Face
Note: The 2.5% increase is 'obviously' multiplicative and not additive. Still nice though. Every 50 times you get a crystal, you're provably going to gain another one. No effect straight-away, and not much in the long-run, but if it increases your chance to get a black or white crystal... sure why not.

Giveaway Speeding:
- Neon Nerves : ~33% increased Speed
- Air Robinsons : ~33% increased Speed
- Horns of Infinity : ~33% increased Speed
Slots: Shirt/Feet/Head
Note: Having all three items is the same as having a permanent Coffee buff, and speed maxes out at the speed of coffee, so it will not stack with coffee.

- Stethoscope : Permanent Tea Effect, Cuts Skill Failures by 50%
- Emergency Dragon Claw : Triples XP gained from surgery from 150 to 450
Slots: Neck/Hand

- Golden Rod : 25% Bigger Fish
- Fishing Hat: 5% Chance of Returning Bait
- Dragon Turtle Charm : 681% increased XP gained from fishing (0.64
Slots: Hand/Hat/Chest

- Zephyr Helm : Parasol effect and double jump
- Soda Jetpack : Soda jetpack is necessary to do a lot of special jumps.
- Zinc : For the obvious fire resistance. Most parkours nowadays use acid instead of lava.
- Ice Skates Of Winter : Slippery blocks do not have any effect. OP. One of my dream items.
- Climbing Boots : Allows you to climb Climbing Walls.
[ Optional : Items in Giveaway Speedrunning can be used with this to speedrun parkours, but it is not recommended unless you have extended training on how to control such insane speed. I applaud all the amazing parkourists that can easily breeze through long parkours with neon nerves + air robinsons. I can barely control my speed with air robinsons, even though I am quite decent at parkour without the speed buff]
Slots: Hat/Back/Face/Feet(2x)

- Super Logo - Crown : Adds +2 Health during Crimefighting. Two HP makes a huge difference. The only item that I can find that buffs crimefighting.
Slots: Chest

- Cloak of Falling Waters : Allows you to spray fire
- Heartbow && Cyclopean Visor : Taking out the Fire Hose frees up a hand slot which you can use for TWO extra blocks of radius.
Slots: Back/Hand/Face

Provider Harvesting:
- Cursed Wizard Hat && Cyclopean Visor : When two of these items are stacked, prevents damage to blocks.
- Rayman's Fist : Increases punch radius to three blocks, si you can harvest farms quicker
- Ancestral Orb of Time [Level 5] : 9% less respawn duration of providers
- Drabbit's Foot : +2 XP when punching providers, a total of 3 XP per punch.
Slots: Hat/Hand/Face/Ancestral/Chest:
Note: Because I love giving random information snippets, with a maxed ances, it'll take:
12 hrs(e.g. Science Station): 10 hrs 55 mins, 1 day(e.g. Well): 21 hours 50 minutes, 2 days(e.g. Tackle Box): 1 day 19 hours 40 minutes, 3 days(e.g. Sheep): 2 days 17 hours 31 minutes
5 days(e.g. Surgical Tool Bag): 4 days 13 hours 12 minutes, 1 wk(e.g. Awkward Friendly Unicorn): 6 days 8 hours 52 minutes

- Neutron Gun && Neutron Pack && Spectral Goggles : Allows viewing and targeting of Ghosts
- Alien Mind Protector && Rubber Boots : Prevents being targeted by Ghosts.
- Ghost Dragon Charm : +200 XP from catching Ghosts

140 character or less